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Feller's 2024
Feller's 2024
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Allen and Sheri Feller are from St. George, Utah.  They are both descendants of the pioneers that settled that area of Utah.  They have five children and twenty-four grandchildren.  Allen served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Idaho as a young man. In 1998, he and his wife were called to serve as mission president and companion in the Richmond Virginia mission for three years.  At that time, their children ranged in ages from sixteen to six months old.  After dropping the older children off at school, they’d take the baby with them to all the meetings they had with the missionaries. Following that mission, they have served for six years as the young Church service mission leaders. Allen said that this was a delightful experience for both.  They have recently been called to serve as full time MLS (member-leader-support) missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission. They will serve for eighteen months helping the saints on the islands of Chuuk.

Sheri managed their rental business while being a stay-at-home mom.  She thoroughly enjoyed the time spent raising and nurturing their children.  She has served in all the auxiliaries of the Church in St. George, such as Primary, Young Women’s and Relief Society.  Sheri’s father was a cattle rancher.  She grew up riding horses, helping with the cows, and enjoying time spent with lots of cousins.  Their own children grew up raising cows and pigs.  They gained an appreciation for where their food comes from.  Sheri loves to swim, snow ski, water ski and hiking.  Her greatest interest is in family history.  She has published two books about their pioneer ancestors. She wanted their children and grandchildren to get to know their ancestors.  Sheri said that she wrote short stories about them.  She wanted her family to be able to remember them and be a source of strength to them as they go through their hard times and struggles.   

Allen has been a bishop twice, ward clerk, stake and ward missionary, and most recently a ward mission leader. Allen is also a farmer and grows hay, bales it, and sales the hay to the ranchers. Before being called as a mission president, his job for many years was buying decorations for fish aquariums.  They traveled extensively all over the world collecting coral, seashells, rocks, and any kind of decoration that could go inside a fish aquarium.  Some of these places included multiple trips to Guam, Palau and Pohnpei.  When they returned from Virginia, he went into excavation. 

They enjoy spending time at Lake Powell boating and water skiing with their family.  In fact, Sheri is still a great slalom water skier!  Their greatest hobby is creating memories with their children and grandchildren.  They love the Lord and the gospel and find great joy in serving others.  

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