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Q& A:  How Students Feel About Seminary and Institute in Micronesia

According to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints library page about the objectives and purpose of seminaries and institute, it states: “Our purpose is to help youth and young adults deepen their conversion to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel, qualify for the blessings of the temple, and prepare themselves, their families, and others for eternal life with their Father in Heaven.”

Seminary & Institute 2023-24
Seminary & Institute 2023-24
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A recent questionnaire was given to seminary and institute students throughout the Barrigada Guam Stake and Micronesia to share their feelings about these programs and how they feel like they’re helping them.

  1. What do you like most about seminary/institute?

Answers: “It is a break from the world and a place that I can feel the Spirit”

“The thing I like most about seminary is getting to connect with other like-minded people."

“I like being able to get insights from my peers about the scriptures.”

“I like learning about the gospel with my friends that are at the same spot in life as me.”

“I enjoy seeing friends and learning new topics from different perspectives that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.”

“The thing I like most is learning new scriptures and learning more about our Heavenly Father.”

“I like the adult conversations with faithful members and the welcoming atmosphere in institute.”

"The fact that we are here to help one another and support each other."

"We go into more detail in what we are reading. We go over context and what was happening at that time. We learn about people's background."

"I like being in such a spiritual environment with people who I've gotten close with over the years."

"Being able to comfortably learn, ask questions and discuss the scriptures."

"The thought-provoking conversations."

"I enjoy the in-depth reading of the scriptures that I don't usually get."

"Being able to hang out with friends and learn cool facts I previously had not known. I also like the food."

"It's a break from the world and a place to feel the spirit."

"I enjoy the adult conversation with faithful members and the welcoming atmosphere of Institute."

  1. Do you feel closer to our Savior by coming to seminary/institute? Why?

Answers: “It reminds me of different aspects of the Savior and how these bless my life.”

“I do feel closer by coming to seminary/institute because it creates an environment to learn about the gospel."

“Yes. I feel like the more time that is spent with the gospel, the more you become closer to the Savior.”

“Yes. It is another opportunity for me to feel the Spirit and learn more about the gospel.”

“Yes. I now know the other scriptures, besides the Book of Mormon, ten times better than I did before. I now see the correlation between them all! I really feel closer to our Savior now that I understand more.”

“I feel closer to our Savior because we learn how our studying relates to our lives and influences us.”

“Yes. When you learn more about the Book of Mormon, then you get closer to Jesus.”

“Yes. I am starting to learn more about Him and how to love my neighbors more.”

"Yes. I remember the very first time I came. I wasn't very active in the church. Overtime, as I kept coming, I was able to strengthen my testimony and committed to keep on the path."

"Yes. As I learn more about the Savior, I start to feel that I know Him personally. It makes it easier to pray to him like He's my friend. I tell Him everything."

"Yes. I am learning things that I didn't know."

"Yes. I feel closer to Him. I think starting my day by studying the gospel sets me in the right mindset for my day."

"Yes, because I am taught in depth and personally."

"Yes, because we are learning about Jesus and God's plan."

"I do. I’ve learned more about the Savior and thus have grown closer to Him."

"Yes. It teaches me about the Savior."

"It reminds me of different aspects of the Savior and how those bless my life.

"Yes, because everyone comes in faith and invites the Spirit to class."

  1. Have your feelings about reading and studying the scriptures changes?

Answers: “I am honestly still struggling a bit with regular scripture reading. I have found that the more often I read, the easier it gets.”

“I have realized the benefit in studying the scriptures vs. regarding it as ‘a thing we should do’.”

“I have felt more of a need to read and study the scriptures. I have also seen the importance of the scriptures in my life.”

“I started the habit of reading my scriptures daily because of seminary. Now I cannot imagine going to bed without reading them!”

“Coming to seminary has helped me realize how much love and care is in the scriptures.”

“I read the scriptures more and understand them better.”

“I feel like I’m closer to our Heavenly Father and feel His love as I read.”

“I have changed from not understanding the scriptures to wanting to read and understand more.”

"I feel happier to read and no more feelings of laziness."

"Now that I know how to study, I feel more confident in my ability to understand what I’m reading."

"I feel good when I'm studying the scriptures and feel like a new person."

"I have come to value studying the scriptures as I have formed a more profound relationship with my Savior."

"I have been able to find more meaning in the words."

"I've grown to read more into the scriptures instead of just about the scriptures and realizing more what it means."

"Not really. I’ve always enjoyed really studying the scriptures and now I have an easy way to do it."

"A little bit. I don't think that I have reached my best feelings about it, but I've now started wanting to do it more."

"They have changed from not understanding to wanting to read and understand."

  1. Is there a particular scripture or scripture story or principle that has helped you the most, specifically through a difficult time in your life? Can You please share which one & how it helped you?

Answers: “The atonement makes it possible to repent. The promise of the atonement is that no matter how hard the change is, it is possible. This helps me by giving me hope that I can change.”

“The Holy Ghost has really helped me through lots of things.”

“I enjoyed reading Joseph Smith’s testimony because it is very moving and powerful.”

“I remember learning about the plan of salvation and eternal life shortly after one of my friends passed away. The week that we went through those scriptures confirmed the feelings I had about life after death. I realized it was a real thing and I would see my friend again.”

“I was struggling when online seminary had me read a scripture from the Bible. It made me cry and I really felt the spirit. I cannot remember the verse that touched me. I feel like that particular lesson was meant for me.”

“There are no specific scriptures or story that has helped me. The scriptures, in general, enrich my life.”

“With a fire, no matter how much tinder, sticks, or logs you add to a pile, if there is no activator or lighter, the fire will never start. Same with our blessings. No matter how many blessings Jesus or God want to give you, without a testimony or you acting on your testimony, like serving, the blessing will never be given.”

“The scripture that has help me the most is Acts 4:14. It says however many of those who heard the Word believed and the number of the men that came was about five thousand.”

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding…and He shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6) This verse has helped me every day to turn to God and not the paths of man.”

"No specific scripture comes to mind, but by learning more about the Savior just helps increase my testimony in Him."

"John 17:3 has really helped me now my bigger purpose in life because instead of worrying what decisions I have to make; I need to just remember that my greater purpose is to get to know God and Jesus Christ."

"The worth of souls is great in the sight of God." "This scripture has helped me whenever I feel down about myself. I know God values me, so I value myself too."

"I like Philippian 4:13"

"The one that helped me the most is the story about the saints’ robes being cleansed with the blood of the Lamb."

Book of Mormon in Micronesia Languages
Book of Mormon in Micronesia Languages
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5. How has your testimony grown through seminary/institute? How?

Answers: “Through seminary, my testimony has grown because it gives me the opportunity to study the gospel with others.”

“While I was going through a tough time in my life, seminary was one of the things that helped me through it. I think that going to seminary regularly made the grieving process easier for me.”

“A greater knowledge of the scriptures grew my testimony. I could see how all the scriptures relate as we discuss other scriptures. For example: My favorite biblical verse is about the coming of the Book of Mormon.”

“My testimony has grown because I have learned about new experiences in the scriptures.”

“By reading and studying the scriptures, my testimony has grown a lot.”

"It has been a blessing learn more about the Savior in Institute. It has helped me strengthen my testimony."

"I have gotten more confident in sharing it and I bear my testimony every month."

"Yes, because of the things I learn in seminary."

Yes. My testimony has grown. It’s grown in how I feel about the gospel and how well I know my Savior."

"It has! I'm able to recognize the love surrounded by this gospel."

"I've grown to know God and Jesus better by seeing their personalities and not just the principles."

"I've grown closer to the Savior and come to know more about Him."

"I've learned that I can be forgiven of my sins and be washed clean."

"My testimony has grown through Institute by helping me remember to turn to the Lord and dive deeper into the meanings of the scriptures that I am reading."

"My testimony has grown in seminary by having a time in the week set apart for studying the scriptures."

"Having a greater knowledge of the scriptures grew my testimony as I could see how all of the scriptures relate and discuss other scriptures. For example: My favorite Biblical verse is about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon."

  1. Would you recommend that all youth and young adults take seminary/institute? Why?

Answers: “Yes. Not only does institute and seminary bring the spirit into your life, but it adds knowledge through doctrine and principles on how to live the gospel in your everyday life.”

“I would recommend that everyone who is able to, take seminary. It builds confidence in our Savior and our ability to be an advocate for the Lord.”

“Yes, because it brings joy and clarity to your life.”

“Seminary gives you the basics of the gospel which everyone needs to know. Everyone needs to know these.”

“My testimony has grown because I have learned about new experiences in the scriptures.”

“Yes. It is an extra thing that helps you become closer to Jesus.”

“Yes, because they will help you when you go to college or serve a mission.”

"Yes. It will help you stay strong and stay on the covenant path."

"Yes. It helps you practice self-discipline and grow your testimony and knowledge of the Savior."

"Yes, I would recommend it! Early seminary is hard, but it is so worth it."

"Yes, because it is fun and gives you a great change to get closer to the Lord."

"Yes, because it can be fun to just talk about these things."

"Yes. It is a great experience and a chance to get together with peers in your faith and to feel the spirit."

"Yes, because it gives you amazing amounts of knowledge."

"Yes. Not only does Institute and seminary bring the Spirit into your life, but it adds knowledge through doctrine and principles on how to live the gospel in your everyday life."

"Yes. It brings you closer to God and can bring you close to friends with the same beliefs."

"I think that it is a great addition to the week. It is a good place to start for interested members."

"I would recommend seminary to every young woman and young man because it is very fun and very spiritually rewarding."

  1. Do you feel like youth conferences/YSA conferences help to make your testimony stronger? How?

Answers: “The youth conference showed that we are not alone.”

“Yes, because focusing just on the gospel and not worldly struggles or temptations has caused me to have many spiritual experiences.”

“Yes. It gave me quiet time to study and grow with people of like faith.”

"Yes. I learned so much and feel the Spirit there that helped me to stay on the path as a returning member."

"Yes. I got to grow my testimony with friends which really helped because you have people doing it with you."

"Yes, because it encouraged me to read my scriptures more."

"Yes, being able to interact with so many youth was such a testimony building experience. I treasure it."

"Kind of. I had many spiritual experiences."

"The Youth Conference showed me that we are NOT ALONE."

"It definitely helped my testimony be stronger. During the week, I was able to really identify what I believed. FSY also confirmed or dove deeper into a few things that I had questions about."

Yes. I was able to meet youth from the other islands who told me their stories and about their lives. I was able to go to the temple which strengthened my testimony, telling me that God was there, and He cared about me and all of the other youth."

"Yes. If you hang out with people that have your same testimony, yours will become stronger."

"Yes. It helped to stand strong in the faith."

President Russell M. Nelson taught:

Daily immersion in the word of God is crucial for spiritual survival, especially in these days of increasing upheaval. As we feast on the words of Christ daily, the words of Christ will tell us how to respond to difficulties we never thought we would face. (Russell M. Nelson, “Hear Him,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2020, 89)


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