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Youth Worldwide Testimony Meeting in Micronesia


On October 22, 2023, youth gathered together as wards, branches, and stakes over a twenty-four-hour period across the world sharing their testimonies.  Young men and young women on the isles of the sea came together to listen to the prophet and share their testimonies with each other as part of this historical event. 

The historical meeting began with a video message from our beloved prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. The youth theme for 2023 is “I can do all things through Christ.”  President Nelson testified: “This is a powerful truth. Jesus Christ and His restored gospel are the greatest sources of truth and strength on earth.” He continued, “The strengthening power of the Savior helps all who will come unto Him.  His gospel is filled with strengthening power because it contains eternal truths, augmented by the authority of His Priesthood.  When we are obedient to His commandments, each one of us can be blessed by His Priesthood Power. I can think of nothing more important for you to understand at this point in your lives.”

 He told the youth three basic principles for them to know and pray about.

1) You are a child of God. 

2)  You are a child of the covenant.

3) You are a disciple of Christ. 

President Nelson stated that these principles are the most important identifiers they need.  He counseled them to review these truths and to repeat them over and over in their mind, even to say them out loud.  “You are the future of the Church and of the world.” He stated.  “Not only do I believe in you, but your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ believe in you.  You have been sent to earth now because God knew you could be strong and courageous.  God needs strong and courageous sons and daughters on earth now.  You have not been sent here to fail.  You have been sent to earth to succeed and to help others succeed.”  He promised: “As you follow Jesus Christ, you will have all the strength and courage you need to face opposition in this hazardous world!”  He admonished them to learn to receive personal revelation and to try to improve themselves each day.  He said that the Holy Ghost would help them get better and better at receiving his promptings, to help you know what to do and what not to do, where to go and where not to go, and to help you discern who are your true friends.  “The Holy Ghost will give you strength and will keep you safe!  Obey with exactness the word of wisdom and the law of chastity.  Doing so will give you spiritual strength that those who do not keep these commandments do not have.   Through your continuing faith and obedience, the Lord will increase your ability to move mountains in your life. Prayerfully ask God to help you exercise stronger faith.  Faith in our Heavenly Father and in His beloved Son combined with daily repentance will increase your access to Godly power.” He added: “If you feel that you have strayed off the covenant path too far or too long, let me assure you that is not true.  Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, your future can be bright, even brilliant.”  He counseled them to speak to their parents and their bishop.  He said that they’re parents can help them return to the covenant path once again.  He pleaded for them to come back to the joy and safety of the covenant path and to yoke themselves to Jesus Christ. He testified: “I know that life without God, is a life filled with fear.  I also know that a life with God, is a life filled with peace, joy, and power.  Resolve to live your life with God. My dear young brothers and sisters, our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ are ready to bless you.  They will not forsake you.  You can do all things through Christ.”

Following President Nelson’s remarks, President Steven J. Lund of the General Young Men’s presidency, and President Emily Belle Freeman of the General Young Women’s Presidency, shared their testimonies from the Light of the World Garden in Lehi, Utah.  President Freeman stood by the “It is I, Be not Afraid” bronze statue, (a statue of Christ symbolizing Him walking on the turbulent waters to his frightened disciples in the boat) and told the youth that the Savior will never forsake them.  She testified that she had personally felt His grace and received strength from our Savior.  She said: “I know He lives because I have seen Him in my stories, and I have felt His love. I love Him. He is my greatest friend.”

Speaking by the statues of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, President Lund said: “It’s fascinating to me that Heavenly Father answered his prayer by first calling him by name. Heavenly Father knew him, then He introduced him to His Son, saying, “This is my beloved Son. Hear Him. Our most important prayers will be answered as we come to better understand and know the Savior.  As we pray to Heavenly Father, He will help us to know the Savior, and the Savior will help us to know everything else.”

In Guam, youth met together in their different wards for the meeting.  Following the video in the Santa Rita Ward on Guam, Lily, and Anna Martin, sang the youth them song for 2023, “I Can Do All Things Through Christ”.   Several young men and young woman shared their testimonies.   

“We can find our way through Christ because I know that Christ is the way!”

“I believe that scripture study can help us find answers, and that prayer can lead us down the right path.  We can find answers to all our problems. Jesus loves us.”

“I know that we can all be helped by Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and that we are all worth something to Them.”

“I’m not sure yet if the Church is true, but I know that the Savior’s love is a real thing because I can feel it! I have trials that I am going through right now.  I like when our leaders and President Nelson said that if we feel that we’ve strayed from the path a long time, it’s never too late to return.”

“When we read the scriptures, we read about Jesus’ miracles and His powers.  I know that those miracles can still happen today.”

“I know that God is always there and has the answers that will work for us.”

“I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love us so much!”

“I don’t think that I could live without the Spirit in my life.  Without the Spirit, I would feel all alone even if I was with a bunch of people.”

“I believe this Church is true.  I’m thankful for all the youth and the Lord.”

Bishop Christopher Call from the Santa Rita Ward in the Barrigada Guam Stake shared his testimony to the youth and said: “There is a strength in the youth.  Continue to grow your testimony wherever it’s at.  As you continue to come unto Christ, He will never fail you.  The Lord is always there.”

Similar testimonies were shared in all the wards, branches, and stakes across the isles of Micronesia and Guam.  These “testimonies of unity” help everyone remember that each of us  truly can do all things through Christ!

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