News Release

Tokyo Japan Temple Annex Dedicated


On a cold Sunday afternoon on January 10, 2021, the recently renovated Tokyo Japan Temple Annex was dedicated by Elder Takashi Wada, President of the Asia North Area of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was joined by Elder James Rasband, First Counselor and John A. McCune, Second Counselor in the Asia North Area Presidency. Elder McCune conducted the ceremony. In his remarks, he stated, “The word Annex typically refers to a “subsidiary building”—a building that is adjacent to and typically a lesser part of a nearby larger or more important building. “Subsidiary” items are items of secondary importance that nevertheless “furnish aid or support” to the larger operation…For the first time in this temple of the restored Church of Jesus Christ in Asia, there will be a Welcome Center to teach the public about the temple, to explain the relationship of temples and God’s great Plan of Happiness, to explain how, in the temple, because of the Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice, each of us have the opportunity to make sacred covenants and to be together forever with our families.”

Also, through a video feed, Elder Gerrit Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, stated the following, “The dedication of the Tokyo Temple Annex is intended to be a double blessing. First, with the Annex completed, today’s proceedings will open and allow the work, meetings, and activities which transpire here to occur in space dedicated to the Lord. Second, at a future date when the Tokyo Japan temple is dedicated, today’s ceremony will allow us to focus full attention on the temple dedication…. Today’s dedication also invites us to re-dedicate ourselves, our faith and efforts, to the Lord.”

The dedicatory prayer was given by Elder Wada. In the prayer, he stated, “We pray that the view of the facility will enhance the vista of the holy Tokyo Japan Temple and bless the entire community, including those not of our faith, and become the cherished landmark. Our visitors to this facility will receive special impressions, and that they might feel welcomed and loved as they enter here…. May we be worthy of the blessings as we anticipate the reopening of the Tokyo Japan Temple. We will let today be the day of rededication of our commitment to Thy gospel. Please bless our children and youth with a desire and determination to be worthy to enter into the temple and participate in the sacred ordinances and cherish it. Let us all be or become temple worthy.”

Prior to this, the Tokyo Japan Temple Annex began operation in 1980 and housed the Japan Missionary Training Center (JMTC) as well as temple patron housing space.

In 2017, the Annex was torn down for the reconstruction. In January 2021, the newly renovated structures are completed, but due to COVID-19, it was decided that only the Annex would be dedicated and opened first until a more favorable time is available for the Tokyo Japan Temple open house and rededication.

The completed Annex was once a large lot with a parking garage and now has become a large site with a beautiful, tall building. The first two basement levels contain a convenient parking garage. The first basement floor is equipped with patron housing, a family history center, and a distribution center. The entry space finds a reception area. The First and Second Floors are equipped with chapels, multipurpose room and large classrooms; a set of spaces that can accommodate up to five wards and branches. At present, the Tokyo 1st Ward and the Tokyo 2nd Ward (both English speaking) of Tokyo South Stake, and Shibuya Ward of Musashino Stake attend there. The Second Floor also has similar classroom space as well as plans for a mission home office. On the Third Floor, there is space available for Stake and Bishopric offices. The Third and Fourth Floors house the Asia North Area offices.

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