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The Latest News on the Seoul Korea Temple Reopening 

Church leaders express gratitude and emphasize caution, safety and wisdom in the phased reopening process

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Since May 2020, temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been reopening in a cautious, careful way, in five phases and based on local circumstances and governmental restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Key precautions will be in place for temple workers and patrons according to local circumstances and governmental regulations and will include masks, reduced number of patrons in the temple at a time, fewer staff in the temple, and sanitization after temple ceremonies, social distancing and seating arrangements, and temperature checks at the entrance. 

Starting 16 November 2021, temple ordinances at the Seoul Korea Temple changed from Limited Operations Phase 2 to Phase 2B: 

  • Phase 1 - open for husband and wife sealing sealings by appointment 
  • Phase 2 - open for all living ordinances only with restrictions 
  • Phase 2B - open for all living ordinances and baptisms for deceased individuals with restrictions 

Reservations can now be scheduled online for the Seoul Korea Temple, for proxy baptisms up to 10 patrons. Anyone who comes without a reservation, or a current temple recommend, will not be allowed to enter the temple. Proxy baptisms are currently planned every Saturday at one p.m (13:00 p.m.)  The temple does not print cards for ordinances.  Cards will not be returned after the ceremony. 

Endowment and sealing ceremonies for the living can now accommodate up to 10 patrons.  Up to 50 people are allowed to visit the temple grounds for photography after a sealing in the temple.  The temple garden is open.  Annexes, i.e. restaurants and accommodations, are not open.   
When renting clothing in the temple, one pays only with a card.  Cash is not accepted. Proxy ordinances must be booked online at If you are booking living ordinances or need special assistance, please contact the temple’s email:, or call +82-10-8727-7544. 

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