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Wichap Branch Members Accept New Callings

Three members in the Wichap Branch in Chuuk, FSM, accept new leadership callings

August 28, 2022, Wichap Branch in southeast Weno, Chuuk, held their sacrament service in their meetinghouse set in a tropical jungle setting.

This Sunday’s sacrament service was different because the Namoneas District President Rodolfo Gacayan and his family attended along with other district leaders; District Presidency 1st councilor Bro. Hudson, District Presidency Clerk Modesto Navitidad, and District Primary President Sister Dorina Gacayan for the setting apart of three members to new Wichap Branch callings.

Bro. Kastro Kerat was set apart as Wichap Branch Elders Quorum President, Bro. Macky Felix was set apart as 1st councilor in the Wichap Branch Presidency, and Sister Debra Year was set apart as the Wichap Branch Relief Society President.

Missionary couple Elder and Sister Green, living in Chuuk, were invited to this sacrament meeting where Elder Green joined the setting-a-parts.

Singing, talks, and announcements were all in Chuukese. Youth from neighboring homes came to sit on the curbs outside the meetinghouse seemingly curious of the Sunday meeting.

The members express how they miss having the missionaries in Chuuk the last couple of years. With a missionary apartment on location, the members look forward to their coming as they bring a special spirit to the branch, giving support, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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