News Release

Church Makes Face Mask Donation to FSM 

Church district members and Chuuk Department of Education receive face mask donation

As the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) opened their border August 1st, a face mask requirement was instituted for all the FSM.  Masks are in short supply in the FSM. 

A request for face masks was submitted to Elder William H.K. Davis of the Micronesia Guam Humanitarian Department. The leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the islands of the FSM requested them for their members. Additionally, Chuuk Department of Education (DOE) Director, Jason Reiong, requested 12,000 masks for their students and faculty.

The Face Masks Donation was approved and sent via DHL. Chuuk District received 2,500 masks, Pohnpei stake received 2,500 masks, Kosrae district received 500 masks and the Department of Education in Chuuk received 12,000 masks.

District President Rodolfo Gacayan received the face masks sent to Chuuk. He held a district meeting inviting all the branch leaders as well as Humanitarian missionary couple Elder and Sister Green, who are living in Chuuk. The face masks were distributed to each branch leader for their members.

President Gacayan expressed his gratitude saying, “We’re so thankful for Heavenly Father for receiving the mask donation for Chuuk. This donation can help the members and the people of Chuuk to practice wearing a face mask.”

Jason Reiong received his shipment of six boxes of face masks at the DOE where he will distribute them to the students and faculty. Elder and Sister Green visited with Jason and took some photos.  Jason said “I got six boxes with the 12,000 face masks. I was not expecting it to be so quick.  Thank you so much, Elder and Sister Green, and Elder Bill Davis!”

Sister Dorina Gacayan shared her experience saying, "I'm so thankful for the fruit from all the members faith. I feel the love of our Heavenly Father from all the things that he provides for us, especially in this time of tribulations of covid. I saw the school distributed the masks to the students, so I asked the principal where he got the masks. He said from Department of Education through the Church. He said he knows of the Church's wonderful service. My heart was smiling and so full of tears. Thank you for the mask donation."

This donation from the Humanitarian Department in Guam gives Church members, students, and faculty in Chuuk the face masks they need to meet the FSM’s requirement, keeping the people on the islands safe as they open their borders to the outside world after almost two years of being closed.  As of the writing of this article, Chuuk and Yap are free of Covid in the community and hope to remain so.

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