News Release

Kitchen Donation to Chuuk Department of Education

Church donates kitchen needs to schools grades K-5

The State of Chuuk’s Department of Education (DOE) in the Federated States of Micronesia is reinstating the school lunch program for the elementary school kindergartens through 5th grades.

A request was made to the humanitarian department in Guam for kitchen items to be donated to help with this endeavor. Chuuk’s DOE, after the Compact of Free Associate-1 ended, no longer had the funds to restart the feeding program for the early Childhood Education students.

William H.K. Davis, Director of the Humanitarian Department for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guam, passed this request along to be filled through this department, knowing how this would help provide nutrition and energy for the students who, without this program, would go hungry throughout the day.

To facilitate the opening of the cafeterias, kitchen equipment and supplies were needed. Cafeterias at twenty-three out of forty-nine elementary schools would open to provide for the nutritional and health needs of their students.

This new project provides the supplies necessary to feed these students which will help them learn better in class.

There are five regions in Chuuk State: The Northern Namoneas Region, the Southern Namoneas Region, the Faichuk Region, the Mortlocks Region, and the Northwest Region. The Mortlocks Region and the Northwest Regions are in the outer islands.

Northern Namoneas Region, Southern Namoneas, and Faichuuk regions are all within Chuuk’s lagoon.

The materials the church donated will be distributed to all the schools in Chuuk State that have K-5 classrooms

One of the first schools to have kitchen items packed and sent down to them are in the Mortlocks K-5 where a ship recently left with their kitchen supplies headed to the Mortlocks Region.

The Project manager in Chuuk, Elinora Ewbisalen, who works with the Chuuk State DOE and oversees that the schools receive their needed supplies, expressed her gratitude saying, “I am very grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ donation to our kitchens. This is really a great help to our children in all the regions in Chuuk State, from the lagoon to the outer islands.”

The Church’s Guam Humanitarian Department has enjoyed partnering with the Chuuk State DOE and Jason Reiong in the past. This will be of great assistance to the school administration, students, and their parents.

This, and other donations, are made possible through the generous donations of faithful church members who believe in the two great commandments, to love the Lord thy God, and to love they neighbor as thyself..

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