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Church offers gift to Pohnpei

Humanitarian help for those in need

pohnpei wheelchair
pohnpei wheelchair
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Recently a shipping container full of wheelchairs, walkers and canes arrived in Pohnpei. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints humanitarian department received a request from the Governor’s office asking for the donation.  In conjunction with the Pohnpei State Hospital they had determined the specific amount needed so that each wheelchair already had a recipient assigned.

 Governor Reed B. Oliver commented, “I would like to convey our appreciation for all of the wonderful donations of wheelchairs, canes and walkers. Our heartfelt gratitude to the LDS Church for not only today but the many years in the past that we have received so many gifts and generosity that have been provided by your wonderful members of your Church.”

The Church has been in Pohnpei since 1977. Many projects have been implemented in various parts of the State, demonstrating that the members are good neighbors and care about those around them. It was also mentioned that over one thousand wheelchairs have been donated over the years. Others that need these mobility devises are encouraged to contact the hospital.

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