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Call for Interfaith Fast and Prayers on Guam for Relief from COVID-19

September 5, 2020 - After the Governor of Guam announced on August 27 that 112 people had tested positive the previous day from COVID-19, Fredivic Nicerio, President of the Barrigada, Guam Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, knew something had to be done.  After all, that number of cases on an island of only 160,000 people was the equivalent of California getting over 27,000 cases in a single day.   The pandemic was spiking rapidly on Guam, and hospital resources were being strained. 

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That day, President Nicerio asked members of his stake to hold a special fast the next Sunday, August 30, for relief from the pandemic.  In addition, he reached out to the members of the interfaith community on Guam to join together our combined faith in a larger day of fasting and prayer on September 6.  The response was overwhelming in support.  Several replied to President Nicerio, “we will be praying with you.”  Another agreed wholeheartedly and said President Nicerio’s note had inspired him to include an interfaith style prayer in his next sermon.  Still another said he “prayed that God may continue to love and bless us, as well as our medical and other brothers and sisters who are striving to care for us all.”


In addition, Area Historian Richard Fee submitted a letter to the editor to the local Guam newspaper describing the intent of the fast.  Said Fee in the letter, ”Where else do you turn in times of crises when you and your governments have done everything possible? It is time to go to a higher source in fasting and prayer. On Sept. 6, take the time to join our local churches and religious groups to fast and offer prayers on behalf of the people of Guam.  Let us prayerfully plead for relief from this pandemic, that the present pandemic may be controlled, frontliners protected, the island economy strengthened and our life normalized on our beautiful home of Guam.”

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