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A young woman gains a testimony of the importance of paying tithing first

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints personal finance class teaches principle of finance that will change lives if followed

Katherine L. Hacheglemal was born and raised in Guam with her family.  Her ancestry is from the islands of Yap and Marshall in Micronesia, Asia North Area.  In 2014 she began working for the church in the FM Department (Facilities Management).  Because she didn’t have a car, she depended upon her family to get her to work and back every day.  She asked her brother if he’d help her buy a car.  He did, but he also stressed to her the importance of paying her tithing first before anything else.

She signed up for the Personal Finance class offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was part of their Self-Reliance Program which included many other types of classes as well. She decided she needed to learn how to do better with her finances. She said, “I was helping my parents pay the bills, but I was clueless on what to save for in the future.” Someone in her class made a statement that changed her way of thinking. They said, “If you remember to put God first, he will put you FIRST but if you put God last, he will put you LAST.” She chuckled and said, “I don’t want to be last on His list!  It all made sense to me. If I put God first, do what he asks of me, everything will fall into place like the order on His list.” Using these principles in her daily life, Kathy was able to see and feel the difference in her life. Every lesson in the workbook mentioned the importance of paying tithing first. She began to pay her tithing first, and soon found that she always seemed to end up with much more than when she paid her tithing last.  Following these principles helped her to stop worrying about her financial needs. She felt like she could better focus on Heavenly Father’s needs.

With her new-found knowledge, she was able to open a savings account and put money aside for emergency funds. Someone in class suggested putting the same amount you put in tithing into your savings.  This made sense to her, but it was hard.  Sometimes it wasn’t possible.  She discovered that even if you put less in, your savings will still grow. It felt like she did not stress about her finances like she did before.  She thinks that these are sustainable concepts taught in the program. She recommends this class to everyone even if you don’t think you need it. “We all need it!” she said.  “It’s a good reminder of how you are progressing in life, how you are spending it, and how you are living it.” She states, “I think this program provides a good path for you, especially if you are young. It helps create a goal for you to move toward.”

Kathy felt like a lot of blessings came from taking this class. One of the greatest blessings she received was the ability to go through financial struggles without having to ask for help.  She was able to meet their needs despite her husband losing his job while living on their own for the first time and still help her parents. Her priority is to have her family, specifically her parents, taken care of without other assistance. (In the island culture, at least one child stays back to take care of their parents as they grow old.)

In conclusion, she said, “I think the young adults should take this class to know how to start budgeting and saving for themselves. When you have something saved up, you can start setting goals for your future. Interaction with the other class members is important as we share and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s a good reminder and it’s useful in life. Personal Finance is personal. It’s between you and our Heavenly Father.” Kathy’s testimony of tithing has grown and has been strengthened through this program. Her parents have taken other Self Reliance classes that have also been beneficial to help them. Although her husband is not a member of the Church, he is learning the importance of paying tithing through her example. She has taken the class twice and wouldn’t mind taking it again. The Church Self-Reliance programs are for everyone.

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