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Self-reliance Training Brings Leaders to Guam

Self-reliance specialists from Guam, Micronesia, Saipan, and Palau meet for training in Guam


The Self-reliance Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guam sponsored a training for self-reliance leaders of the Church in the Republic of Palau, Saipan, Guam, and the islands of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to include the islands of Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae.

Elder William H.K. Davis, the Micronesia Guam Self-reliance director, brought these specialists to Guam to gain more knowledge and skills in how to train and oversee self-reliance classes that are taught to members of the Church on topics of finance, emotional health, addiction recovery, finding joy in the gospel, finding a better job, starting a business, and eating healthy and being active.


Classes were conducted by Elder Davis assisted by Elder and Sister Jenkins who are called as the Micronesia Guam Self-reliance senior couple missionaries.

Just in time for the holidays, this group of leaders will return to their communities inspired and fortified to start the new year with added knowledge on how to more effectively facilitate classes that promote self-reliance among the people in the islands.


Self-reliance not only has an impact upon our spiritual development, but we find that earning our own way is tied to freedom itself.  


Elder Albert E. Bowen, a former member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, said, “The Lord must want and intend that His people shall be free of constraint whether enforceable or only arising out of the bindings of conscience. … That is why the Church is not satisfied with any system which leaves able people permanently dependent, and insists, on the contrary, that the true function and office of giving, is to help people [get] into a position where they can help themselves and thus be free.” (The Church Welfare Plan, Gospel Doctrine manual, 1946, p, 77.)

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