News Release

Senior Missionaries Fulfill Destiny, Return to Guam


In 2022 when Elder and Sister Havig learned that they would need to temporarily leave their mission in Korea due to visa issues, they were surprised and disappointed.

They were enjoying their assignment as communications specialists and did not like the idea of leaving South Korea to re-apply for new visas. 

But their disappointment changed soon after they landed in Guam.

In the Asia North Area, Guam is sometimes called a haven for “visa refugees,” that is,
missionaries who are temporarily sent to Guam to await the processing of their visas.

So in October of 2022 the Havigs had reluctantly boarded an airliner for Guam.

Upon their arrival, however their misgivings quickly dissipated as islanders and missionaries
greeted them warmly, immediately involving them in doing the Lord’s work on this beautiful tropical island.

As with many of life’s twists and turns, the Havig's unexpected stay in Guam became a
wonderful blessing and planted a seed of desire in their hearts to return to Guam in the

After one month, Elder and Sister Havig did obtain their visas and did return to complete
their mission in South Korea. Upon completing their mission in late November, 2023,
they returned to their home in Gilbert, Arizona and immediately began the application
process for a second senior mission; this time they requested to serve as
Communications/Public Relations Specialists in the Micronesia Guam Mission.

In January they happily received a letter signed by President Russell M. Nelson officially calling
them to serve in Guam beginning in June, 2024.

The Havigs firmly believe that the guiding hand of the Lord has led them to Guam. They
believe that with our Father in Heaven there are no accidents as we strive to serve the
Savior and remain on the Covenant Path.

The Havigs make their home in Gilbert Arizona. They have been married for 45 years
and are the parents of 7 children, 15 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Sister Havig is a registered nurse holding nursing and healthcare degrees from BYU-
Provo and Northern Arizona University. She has served in numerous callings in the
church throughout her life and loves the Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Havig is a retired educator. He has taught courses in English, social studies, and
educational methodology in Mesa and Gilbert Arizona and Arizona State University in
Tempe, Arizona. Previously he served a mission in the Korea Busan Mission from 1975
to 1977.

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