News Release

Salvation Army Receives Needed Donation

Church Donation to Salvation Army, Guam

Non-profit and charity organizations find themselves with a reduction in their donations.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having donated previously to the Salvation Army, is aware of this need. 

The Church’s Micronesia Guam Welfare and Self-reliance department heard of the need to replenish the Salvation Army Guam's pantry which furnishes food to those in need. To alleviate the lack of donations, the Church donated $5,000 to the Salvation Army, to help restock their pantry. 

The Acosta's were gracious enough to give a tour of their facility including their pantry and the attached Lighthouse Recovery Center (LRC). LRC Director Valerie Reyes gave a tour of her building and introduced us to her team. The aroma of fresh baked cookies filled the air as we met several of her clients who were busy finishing up their baking of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. As we left, we were offered a cookie sample, still warm from the oven.

The Acosta's expressed their gratitude saying, " We are in awe of God's goodness and of His provision through our brothers and sisters of the LDS community, it is only through your generosity and partnership that we are able to serve our neighbors in need."

The Church believes in the two great commandments, the second of which is to love thy neighbor as thyself.  Church members not only give tithes but also offerings which make this kind of donation possible.  This donation which helps to restock their pantry will bless the lives of some of those in need.  All donated monies go to fill this pantry.  Clients from throughout the community of Guam seek assistance from the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army cannot successfully help others without generous donations. The Church welcomes partnering with the Salvation Army and supporting their program to take care of the less fortunate. We feel this is a good partnership, where we can support what they do best. 

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