News Release

Romanum Branch Chuuk Helping Hands Project

In Helping Hands vests, Seminary and Institute Youth Clear the Way

Seminary and Institute youth participated in a Helping Hands project on the island of Romanum located in the Chuuk Lagoon, part of the Federated States of Micronesia the 27th of August 2022.

The Romanum Branch meetinghouse, part of the Chuuk Namoneas District of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is settled on a hill, nestled in the tropical foliage of breadfruit, papaya, and coconut trees.

Sunshine and rain encourage overgrowth of the vegetation along the path to the meetinghouse.

This Helping Hands project accomplished their goal of clearing out the overgrowth from the path leading to their church meetinghouse, making it easier for members to make their way to church service on Sundays.

District President Rodolfo Gacayan and his wife, Dorina, join in on the fun, supporting the youth’s activity by grabbing the overgrowth  and removing it from the path.

Their son, Eugene, leaving for his mission to Utah the end of September, is among the youth participating in this activity.

President Gacayan stated, "The Seminary and Institute Helping Hands project that the Romanum branch did not only helps the branch and the community but creates more self-reliant youth and gives them practice serving."

With bare feet, flip-flops and machete’s, the smiling youth in their Helping Hands vests enjoy their service of making life easier for others.

Harrington Gacayan, a youth participating in the activity, said, "I was tired while I was clearing the path, but when I saw it clean I felt happy for those that will feel it's easier to walk. I remembered the scripture that says when we help others it's like we help our Heavenly Father."

Elder and Sister Green, having made a recent trip to visit the Romanum meetinghouse and the future church house site, were able to walk the path unencumbered.

Elder Green comments, “What a great job the youth did in clearing this path.  As we walked along the path, we could see how well manicured and groomed it was and it was easy to follow.”

These Seminary and Institute youth are great examples of Christ-like service.

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