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Palau Elementary Schools Helping Hands Initiative

Church initiative to give every elementary school child in Palau a backpack with school supplies

It all started with a small handful of backpacks being donated to the Koror Elementary School when a pair of sister missionaries noticed some children did not have the school supplies that they needed during their time at school. Following was a donation of forty backpacks with school supplies.

The Humanitarian Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guam then supported an idea of the entire Koror Elementary School receiving backpacks with school supplies for Christmas which totaled 700 backpacks.

Angie & John Ngiraked, members of the Church in Koror, wondered why a less needy school was receiving this donation when there were so many more needy schools. They requested 160 more school supplies backpacks for Meyun’s Elementary.

At a business dinner, Angie envisioned all the elementary children of Palau receiving school supplies backpacks and wondered if each of Palau’s 17 elementary schools could receive backpacks for their new school year. This would be quite an undertaking, as it was late summer, and the school season would be quickly upon them.

After a request was submitted to the Guam Humanitarian Department, approval was given. Coordinating with the Palau Ministry of Education (MOE) and Jane, the manager at Western Caroline Trading Company (WCTC), arrangements were made to purchase school supplies and backpacks for 1,663 students.

Now it was time to call in the troops. The Church’s Koror Branch is known for having members that participate in many services. A Helping Hands service project was planned with the Church members, youth, and missionaries young and old who then came to participate in this unique project.

Palau BP
Palau BP
Kenji Sugahara, Koror Branch self-reliance specialists John & Angie Ngiraked, Guam self-reliance specialist Elder Jenkins, & missionaries serving in Palau participating in the Helping Hands project of presenting backpacks with school supplies to the elementary schools.© 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.


All got together to write hand-written notes for each backpack. The packs were assembled according to the number needed for each school, including the outer island schools that would need to have the backpacks transported by boat.


The 17 schools receiving backpacks with school supplies are: Aimeliik, Airai, Angaur, GB Harris, Ibobang, Koror, Melekeok, Meyuns, Ngaraard, Ngarchelong, Ngardmau, Ngeremlengui, Peleiu, PJF (Kayangel), Pulo Anna, Sonsorol

Church members throughout the world practice the first two great commandments of ‘loving the Lord with all our hearts’ and ‘loving our neighbor as ourselves’. Because of their generous donations, this project was successfully fulfilled and presented to each of the schools. 

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