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Ministering Even Beyond the Grave

Oftentimes, the most important ministering we do is not with those to whom we are officially assigned to minister.  There is no better example of this than the Good Samaritan helping the injured man on the road to Jericho when no one else would stop, even a priest.  We often find everyday Samaritans right in our midst.

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When Sister Rihne Andon was at the hospital on the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia in May, 2019, Sister Trimer “Akapita” Joel Ongesel felt a strong impression that she needed to go visit her friend.  They were both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Panasang Pohnpei Stake, but were in different wards.  Unfortunately, Sister Andon passed away, but Sister Ongesel believes she knows why she was prompted to go to the hospital.  She learned that Sister Andon, an endowed member of the Church, did not own any temple clothing to be buried in.  Sister Ongesel immediately made the decision to give her friend her only set of temple clothing for the burial.  Sister Ongesel said, “I was so happy to donate the clothing to her, and thought at the time that I won’t have any temple clothes and Pohnpei is so isolated, but God will provide.” 

The story doesn’t end there.  More recently, Sister Ongesel’s husband, Ngoriak Ongesel, learned of another member of the Church who had recently passed away.  This brother was in the same situation, and had no temple clothing to be buried in.  Following his wife’s lead, Brother Ongesel didn’t hesitate, and donated his only temple clothing to this brother so he could have a proper burial. 

These acts have not stopped with the Ongesels.  Even more recently, Sister Aerahn Rodriguez knew she was the same size as still another sister in who recently passed away who also didn’t have her own temple clothes.  Sister Rodriguez stepped in to fill the need, donating her only set of temple clothing for the burial.

All were happy to donate to Sisters and Brothers in need.  Brother and Sister Ongesel were happy that they could minister to their friends, even after their deaths.  Sister Ongesel added, “I hope to see Rinhe Andon again some day, and she will be wearing these clothes when we meet and will be pleased with my donation.”

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