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Meet the McFarlanes, Guam’s Newest Military Relations Couple 

A Series of Inspired Surprises

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Back in December, 2022, Brother Pete McFarlane was enjoying his calling working and mentoring in the Ogden, Utah Temple. His wife of many years had recently passed away after an extended illness, and he had no interest in remarrying. But all this would soon change . . .  

Sister Kathleen McFarlane, whose name then was Sister Avis, also lived in the Ogden area and had recently lost her second husband. She owned her own massage therapy business and kept herself busy supporting children and grandchildren, working at her business, and attending to various projects around the house.  

She knew who Pete McFarlane was, and in the temple she had a personal witness that she would marry him at some point. Eventually she wrote him a letter expressing a desire to meet him. Brother McFarlane decided to go to her home, meet her and give her a priesthood blessing before having skin cancer surgery. He described this first meeting as surprisingly comfortable. He stated simply, “I felt like I was home.”  

Soon thereafter, the couple was married in February, 2023, and settled into their new home in West Point, Utah to begin their new life together.  

Their stay in their West Point home was to be brief, however . . .  

Sister McFarlane had a “burning desire” to go on a senior mission with her new husband, but assumed this mission would need to happen later – Elder McFarlane was very much devoted to magnifying his temple calling, which he considered to be a mission in and of itself. 

But the Lord had different plans. 

One day in the Ogden Utah Temple, Brother McFarlane had some quiet time to ponder the scriptures. He randomly opened the Doctrine and Covenants to section 75, verses 1-12. Following Nephi’s counsel to “liken the scriptures unto ourselves,” he inserted his name into the appropriate places and read these phrases from the Lord calling Elders to go on missions in 1832: “Go forth and not tarry . . . verily I say unto my servant Pete McFarlane, I revoke the commission which I gave unto you.” 

These verses were a powerful revelation to Brother McFarlane that he and Sister McFarlane should put in their mission papers immediately and “not tarry.”  

The following Sunday the McFarlanes spent time prayerfully going over the senior mission “Opportunities to Serve” list on the Church website. They saw many opportunities which matched up with their talents and experience, but eventually felt impressed to put Guam as their #1 choice. “I feel like we’re going to Guam,” she said to Brother McFarlane. 

On March 26th, they received their call to the Micronesia Guam mission as Military Relations Specialists. They feel assured that this was a call from the Lord. 

They arrived on Guam on this past June 15th.  

Between them, the McFarlanes have 10 children, 29 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren with one great-grandchild on the way.  

As mentioned earlier, Sister McFarlane is a massage therapist. Elder McFarlane worked as a Manufacturing/Engineering specialist serving as a quality engineer for auto-airbags. He also served 2 years in the Navy Reserves. 

Both have pioneer heritage and have served in many leadership and teaching roles throughout their lives. This is Sister McFarlane’s second mission, having served a senior mission in the West Virginia Charleston Mission previously.  

The McFarlanes consider themselves blessed to serve together in the Micronesia Guam Mission. We are thankful for their service and sacrifice. Many will be blessed by their service.  

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