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Local calendars for 2024 feature the work of local Latter-day Saints

The 2024 North Asia Regional Calendar is coming soon!

Asia Area Calendar 2024
Asia Area Calendar 2024
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The new 2024 calendar will feature artworks from across the North Asia region (Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and Guam/Micronesia). The works for the calendar were selected from the entries for this year's Regional Calendar Art Festival, and included works by professional and amateur artists. A total of 32 works were received for the Regional Calendar Art Festival.

In the summer of 2023, the Regional Calendar Art Festival was held. Members and friends who love the Savior were invited to submit high-quality photographs of their original artwork depicting the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the festival was twofold: 1) to invite members and friends to share their love for Jesus Christ with their artistic talents; 2) Filling the local calendar with the work of local artists centered on Christ.

Thirteen entries have been selected to be featured on the 2024 Asia North calendar, while the remaining entries will be shared on social media channels in the region.

Many of the artists who participated in the festival described their experiences of bearing testimony of Jesus Christ through their work.

Sister Sakura Yoshihashi from Japan shared her joy in uplifting people's spirits through her artwork. "I can't put words into words, so I find joy in painting the warmth of Jesus Christ. Through my work, I can express my testimony more vividly."

Sister Kongorjul, a young woman from Mongolia, said, "Sometimes it's hard to express my feelings when I feel the Spirit, but it's easier to express them through paintings." He explained.

Sister Hee-Jung Namgoong of Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, said creating Christ-centered artwork is a way to thank the Savior for the joy she receives from her gifts.

Brother Shohei Takahashi, from Kumamoto, Japan, explained how Christ-centered art has strengthened him during difficult times in his life, saying that his art reminds him of his testimony in the midst of suffering. "I remember how the Lord loved, helped, and guided me here on earth through the Holy Ghost and His angels."

Brother Harazoe in Tokyo created a piece about the Savior, saying, "The time it takes to prepare and work on the piece allows me to reflect on the Lord's redemption and His love for me." Said.

Brother Itsuki Kamakura of Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, believes that he and others can gain a new testimony and a broader perspective of the gospel through his art.

Sister Miki Amada of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, says that through art, "people are strengthened to feel the pure love of Christ in their hearts, even though the world around us may be chaotic." I believe.

Members and friends can enjoy the Christ-centered artwork featured in the 2024 area calendar and on the Church's social media pages.

An area calendar with a special reminder of the Savior each month is a great tool for disciples of Jesus Christ who strive to always remember Him in their daily lives. Consider gifting this calendar as members share the message of the restored gospel and invite friends and loved ones to come unto Christ.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior this Christmas season, the Area Presidency sincerely hopes that it will strengthen the faith of all who receive this calendar.

The 2024 area calendar will be available through the local bishop and branch president in early December.

You can see all the entries in the Regional Calendar Art Festival at the following link: [Insert link here]   

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