Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Response (2011)

The following news releases, blog posts and videos cover the Church's response to the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


(9/15/2011) Church Donates Ice Maker to Fishermen in Sendai, Japan (YouTube)

(3/15/2011) Broadcast-Quality Video of Press Conference with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and David F. Evans (.mov file)

(3/15/2011) Full Press Conference (YouTube) of Elders Jeffrey R. Holland and David F. Evans

(3/15/2011) Video (YouTube) of Elder Holland's remarks


Japanese Tsunami - Reacting with Love (Mormon Channel radio program)

News Releases:

(3/16/2012) Mormon Helping Hands Service in Ishinomaki, Japan (VIDEO)

(9/16/2011) Church Expands Donations to Japan

(9/15/2011) Rebuilding Japan: Supplies Donated to Sendai Fishermen; Missionaries Restore Shinto Shrine

(4/27/2011) Some Missionaries to Return to Previously Evacuated Areas of Japan

(4/5/2011) President Thomas S. Monson: "Our Hearts and Our Help Have Gone Out to Japan"

(3/25/2011) Church Humanitarian Aid, Japanese Church Members Helping People Suffering From Disaster

(3/17/2011) All Missionaries Now Moved to Safe Areas in Japan -- Church Continuing Relief Efforts

(3/15/2011) Church Reemphasizes Concern for People of Japan, Moving Missionaries Out of Affected Areas

(3/14/2011) Church Update on Response to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

(3/12/2011) Church's Missionaries in Japan All Safe and Accounted For

Mormon Newsroom Blog Posts:

(6/17/2011) Church's Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Relief Effort Bolstered in Sendai and Watari

(3/18/2011) MSNBC Covers Church Efforts to Locate Missionaries, Provide Aid in Japan

(3/11/2011) Missionary in Japan Shares Experience With Quake

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