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Drought Problem Solved in Mechitiw, Chuuk

Mechitiw village, Chuuk, receives Church donation of water tanks to relieve summer drought

A formal donation was made to Mechitiw’s Traditional Chief and clan leaders November 11, 2022, in Mechitiw, a village community in the beautiful northern jungle of Chuuk on the main island of Weno.

In the Winter season there is plenty of rain for their water catchment systems that stock rainwater in large tanks for the community’s use. When the dryer summer comes, there are times the rain is not sufficient to fill the tanks, which creates a drought situation for the village. They have had issues with drought in the past and so the village leaders got together to try to alleviate this issue. 

Isuwen Lukas, secretary for the Mechitiw community, reached out to William H. K. Davis at the Guam Humanitarian Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a proposal requesting fourteen water tanks to solve the drought problem.

The Church was happy to partner with the community to alleviate the drought conditions in Mechitiw. Elder Green handled the details of ordering the water tanks and assisting the community in getting the water tanks delivered.

These tanks will provide the community with a clean source of water for drinking and cooking. The community does not have direct access to city water and can only obtain water delivered to each household through a request from the local water company for a charge, or by rainwater catchment.

The tanks will be installed by the community and will be filled with water the first time as part of the project. Where possible, there will be rain gutters installed to catch rainwater as well.

The project has taken several months to get to where the tanks have been delivered and placed strategically throughout the community. 

Asia North Area Church leaders Elder John A. McCune and Elder William H. K. Davis visiting Chuuk with their wives, presented the donation on behalf of the Church to Traditional Chief Sitango Dawe, who presided over the formal presentation of fourteen water tanks, filters, and 5-gallon bottles of filtered water. After the presentation, food was provided for the visiting guests and the community members in attendance.

Clan leaders and representatives in attendance were Clan Raak leader Maxwel sellem; Clan Masane leader KS Sana; Clan Fanimei leader Micheal Singa; Clan Anengeitaw leaders Sanches Salle & Abre Marcus; Clan Sapunupi leaders Atson Nakayama Fanantino, Gibson Jessy, and Tinson Jessy; Clan Wiitò leader Paun Akis; Clan Rongeu leader Isuwen Lukas; and Representative Willy Weita.

Isuwen Lukas expressed his appreciation saying, “The group presence in our community today is an historical moment. This is the communities first humanitarian assistance through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m very appreciative for today.”

Micronesia Guam Mission President Masaru Okuda with wife Megumi, and senior missionary couple Elder & Sister Green, living in Chuuk since August 1st, also attended the presentation. The Church believes in the two great commandments, first to love God and second to love your neighbor. By serving our fellow beings, we are also serving God, and He is pleased when we do all we can to assist others in need.

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