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Chuuk Welcomes New Missionaries

After two years new missionaries arrive in Chuuk

The borders of Micronesia have been closed for over two years until this August 1st. Closure of the borders turned into the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints serving in Micronesia being transferred to other areas.

October 26th, the first set of Missionaries since the border closure, have arrived in Chuuk. From day one on the island of Weno they have hit the ground running.

Elder Tafisi, who speaks Chuukees, and Elder Kaneko, from the Marshal Islands, arrived around 11am and were picked up at the airport by Elder and Sister Green, a missionary couple living in Chuuk since the first of August. Mwan’s Branch President Tarsi Wainis and District President Gacayan also came to the airport to meet the new arrivals.  After a brief meal at the Laufer Café in the L-5 hotel they were given a short tour of the town, then dropped at their Midland apartment.

One would have thought they would get settled in and do some shopping for food and other needed items, but no, their first instinct was to get out and meet people. They headed to the Mwan church which has a full basketball court. Upon seeing some young men getting ready to play basketball, they saw an opportunity to make friends and set the stage for teaching the gospel.  They played a short while and showed some of their skills at the sport, then struck up some conversations about playing again but on the condition of a missionary lesson the next time. 

These two young missionaries have their eye on the goal of teaching the gospel to all that will listen to the Lord’s word, being here at the right place and time. As Zone Leaders, they will teach and lead the rest of the missionaries that will come to Chuuk. 

Another set of missionaries arrive on October 31st and will be assigned to the village of Mechitiw. This is just the beginning of the missionaries coming back to Chuuk after the pandemic.  Coming on assignment for the Lord Jesus Christ, they find there is a lot of work in furthering His gospel.  They come with the power and influence of the Lord, anxious to bring the Church of Jesus Christ back to its full strength.

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