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Chuuk Namoneas District Receives Clothing Donation

Guam Barrigada Stake donates eleven boxes of clothing to members in Chuuk

Relief Society sisters in the Barrigada Guam Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized a clothing donation for the members in the islands of Chuuk.

Members throughout the Barrigada Guam Stake participated in donating clothes to help.The accumulated clothing, filling eleven boxes, were shipped from the Church’s Guam Service Center to the Church’s Chuuk Namoneas District.

There are ten branches located throughout the Chuuk Lagoon. Once the clothing arrived, the District President, Rodolfo Gacayan, had the clothes sorted and distributed between ten boxes, one for each branch.

A district meeting for the branch leaders was held at the Mwan branch meetinghouse in Weno, Chuuk on October 8th. Branch presidents came from the different branches, some making a 40-minute boat ride, to attend the meeting.  As they departed, each took their box with them to distribute among their branch members.

From the Island of Tonowas, Branch President HS Nakka expressed his gratitude for the box of donated clothing for his branch. Others wanted to tell of their appreciation as well.

The island of Romanum’s Branch President, Siramino Walter, expressed his gratitude of the donation saying, “Romanum branch, especially the families, are very happy and appreciative of the support and love that was given to us, the members here in the Chuuk District. Thank you so much and God bless you all.”

From the island of Uman, Branch President Jackson Apichiniko said, “Kuam Uman Branch epwe apasa an anisikemi meinisin ren amia nisi Uman branch fokun kinisou. Kinisou chapur kot epwe nonom remi meinisin.”

Mwan Branch President Tarsi Wainis on the island of Weno shared his thanks saying, “We’re very grateful and appreciative for all that the Guam members donated. We are thankful for the great love and desire of the Barrigada Guam members to help our members here in Chuuk. We send love from the Mwan branch members.”

From the island of Udot, Branch President Hudson Charles shared, “An Udot branch kinisou ngeni Guam Mission, ren watten an aninis ngeni kewe members, non Udot branch. Ika kinisou mei wor napan apan iwe sipwe tungeni kuna sipwe chok epinukunuk pun acit kut epwe pusin niwini ngeni Guam niwini an anisi members seni Udot Branch, kinisou kinisou kinisou fokun kinisou.”

Wichap Branch President Mark Kunuseni said, "Thank you for your support to our Wichap Branch. We diligently strive to endure to the end. Thank you."

The Barrigada Guam Stake members are an example of taking to heart the second great commandment of loving their neighbors as themselves, anonymously sharing of their excess.

Through thoughtful members reaching out to provide donations, many members throughout the world are blessed.

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