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Chuuk High School Receives Donations for Their Vocational Programs  

Chuuk Donations 2023
Chuuk Donations 2023
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Responding to requests from the teachers, coaches and administrators at the Chuuk High School, donations were recently delivered to the school. The Humanitarian Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was pleased to provide requested donations to the schools vocational program.  There are 800 students enrolled in the high school and 200 of those students are also participating in the vocational program as well. 

The music program was in need of instruments.  The Church donated guitars (acoustic, electric, and bass), ukeleles, keyboards, a cajone, and sound system which included a mixer and speakers.  The students not only learn how to play these instruments, but are also taught music composition. The instructors and administrators were very pleased with the new equipment and the possibilities that could come from their use.  The students performed several songs to show off the equipment and express their gratitude for the donations.

The athletic department and coaches were also excited about the equipment they received consisting of weightlifting equipment, basketballs, volleyball supplies and a large digital scoreboard for many sports. Chuuk High school has the only athletic field/court on the island and now has their first athletic scoreboard.  Speaking at the time of the donation, the coaches indicated that coaches from other schools asked how they were able to get these kinds of equipment. Their response was “our friends at the Latter-day Saint Church help us.”  The Church humanitarian department hopes to encourage athletic participation as a means to combat dietary and cultural factors that have led to a surprisingly high incidence of diabetes among the Chuukese people.  Micronesian Olympic athletes use their facilities to prepare for competition to represent Micronesia at the games.

The nursing program is also another valuable vocational training that the school offers to the 11th and 12th grade students.  This also includes a practicum with the local hospital.  The nursing donations included blood pressure cuffs, monitors, stethoscopes, thermometers, and glucometers with test strips.  

The Church has become a recognized friend and donor to worthwhile projects.

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