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Celebrating Faith, Service and Sisterhood 

Women in Japan reflect on their experiences, participating in the worldwide Relief Society event.

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In March, women all over the world gathered in homes and meeting houses to hear messages from President Nelson and the Relief Society General Presidency, and to bear testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, following the local broadcasts. 

Sisters in Japan shared their comments and testimonies with pictures of their gatherings to celebrate the 182nd anniversary of the Relief Society organization. 

A Seminary and Primary teacher from the Okinawa Stake shared, “I am grateful for the opportunity to watch the Worldwide Relief Society Devotional. I was struck by their wonderful testimonies. I was particularly impressed by President Russell M. Nelson’s message about the influence of women. When he said, ‘I bless you with the wisdom to discern what is needful and not to run faster than you are able,’ I felt a sense of peace in my heart.” 

Sisters from the Tokyo South Stake shared the following:

“What I enjoyed about watching these sisters speak is realizing that the Lord is working through normal women, like me, who are trying to do what is right so that they can complete the work He has asked them to do.” (Amy Parish, Zama Military Branch)

"I love gathering with our sisters. We all come from different backgrounds, but have one purpose, which is to listen and find what spiritual message belongs to us, individually." (Ruth Callon, Yokosuka Military Ward)

"As a newly called Relief Society president, the Worldwide Women's Conference inspired me to wholeheartedly partner with God as I embark on my service. I know He will bless us with His power - priesthood power, as we faithfully keep our sacred covenants with Him. This knowledge fills me with peace and confidence." (Heather Benson, Tokyo 1st Ward)

"I love how they focused on the temple and the power that comes from being there." (Katie Kirkpatrick, Misawa Military Ward)

Sisters from the Tokyo West Stake shared these comments: 

“Through the devotional and testimonies, I was able to feel that I am not alone.” 

“I felt blessed to be a woman and a daughter of God.” 

Through the devotional, I felt that the Relief Society sisters are strong. Sisters who follow and serve the Lord are doing a lot of work as disciples of Jesus Christ.” 

After watching the devotional and hearing the testimonies of several sisters, I could feel that the Lord is calling for more and more strength in the home, and the church and in society. 

“I appreciate what President Nelson said about the sisters and their unique qualities and the role women play in the Relief Society.” 

Following the devotional, sisters from the Chiba Ward shared these testimonies: 

“When I watched the videos of sisters from all over the world that were shown at the beginning of the devotional, I was reminded once again that this Relief Society is an organization made up of many dedicated sisters who are doing the Lord’s will. At the same time, I was reminded of how many sisters have helped me in various situations and ways; each one has left a lasting impact on me.” 

“As President Nelson said, we are here on Earth now because this is exactly the time we are needed. Each of us has different talents, but all the abilities we need have been given to us from Heaven. Following the example of many of our sisters, I want to bring the Lord’s love and comfort to those around me, believing in the authority and power I have been given, even if it seems small.” 

“I am thrilled to be able to watch this meeting with sisters all over the world. I have received so much learning and blessings from Relief Society. We can know the love of the Lord through the Christ-like love and actions of each sister.” 

“It is still strange to me that I am now a new member of the Relief Society. The sisters are influential and gifted. I want to discover my own gifts and become a person who can influence others. I realize that feeling the Lord’s love for other leads to feeling the Lord’s love for me.” 

Listening to the devotional together and then sharing testimonies was a powerful experience for the sisters. A few shared their feelings: 

“When I heard the testimonies of the sisters, I felt the Spirit and I was encouraged.” 

“The role of women is greater and more wonderful than I think.” 

“There is always a place for me in Relief Society, to show love and to be loved; to learn how to serve.” 

“What we take for granted in the church is not the norm in society. For example, we cannot leave someone in need. It is ingrained in us that we are members of the Relief Society, and we treat them like the Lord would because we are truly willing to help each other.” 

Sister Camille N. Johnson, the Relief Society General President testified that President Russell M. Nelson is the Lord’s mouthpiece on the Earth today, and that as the sisters serve others, their power will increase. She concluded by sharing the prophet’s message to the sisters, "You, dear sisters, are loved by Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the prophet. You are necessary to prepare the world for the second coming of the Savior. You are precious daughters of God." 

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