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Asia North Area Leaders Tour Micronesia

Stakes and Districts in Micronesia hold conferences with Asia North area leaders

It has been nearly three years since the Federated States of Micronesia closed its borders and we removed our missionaries.

With the FSM finally opening their borders, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is making a concerted effort to let the island members know that the virus is over, and we can start attending our meetings as usual. 

Elder John A. McCune, second councilor of the Asia North Area presidency, Elder William H.K. Davis, area seventy, and Micronesia Guam Mission President Masaru Okuda, along with their wives, traveled to the FSM islands of Pohnpei, Kosrae and Chuuk to visit the members and let them know the church is alive and well.

They visited with government officials, visited humanitarian projects the Church has provided donations to, inspected LDS church meetinghouses, missionary apartments, and made ministering visits to members. 

Stake and District conferences were held, spending Saturdays and Sundays teaching the members on each island during their two-day conference. Leadership meetings and interviews were conducted.

The members enjoyed special musical numbers, Youth Choirs, a youth session, language translators, and talks in their own language.

The Stake and District conferences were a highlight for all the members that attended. Members came from all over the islands to hear their area leaders speak and give inspirational messages in person for the first time in nearly three years. Topics of the inspirational messages included branch councils, small and simple things, daily scripture study, plan of salvation, covenants and the covenant path, family history, temple work, learning to listen to the spirit, gaining a change of heart, if you qualify for a temple recommend you qualify for a mission, and becoming truly converted. All who attended were edified.

One example is President Okuda’s talk where he told the story of the lad with a few small fish but willingly he gave Christ all he had, and how it was enough, teaching members even if they don’t have much to give, if they give Christ their all it is enough.

Elder William H.K. Davis, at the Chuuk conference, spoke of how he came under the direction of the acting president of the quorum of the twelve, bringing love from President Nelson. He told how the children are the rising generation, and they should be prepared to receive temple recommends. If they qualify for a recommend, they qualify to go on a mission. He stated that covid is over! It's time for all to come back to church, go on missions, and teach the children to worship Jesus Christ.

Namoneas Chuuk District is unique with the lagoon islands where traveling to the islands can only be done by boat which is how the area leaders were able to visit those meetinghouses and members. Chuuk’s conference brought many members by boat to attend with box lunches and gasoline provided as they needed to stay the day before departing for home by boat, only to turn around and travel by boat the next day to attend. Individual box meals and waters were distributed to all in attendance. Some ate inside, some out in their boats, others outside in the shade. Happy children were heard and much socializing amongst the members.

Church members from the lagoon islands of Tonowas, Uman, Udot, & Romanum ​came by boat to attend. Other members on the main island of Weno came from Sapuk, Mwan, Mechitiw, and Wichap. Flatbed trucks were hired to bring members to the chapel that live a distance away.

Elder Davis made the following remarks. “We just finished with the Sunday Session of conference for the Panasang Pohnpei Stake. It was so nice to be with our members after nearly 3 years of not being able to go due to COVID restrictions. We had some visitors show up including Herman Semes, Jr who is the President of the Veterans Association Office in Pohnpei. We made a donation to them earlier this week. After Stake Conference, we held a devotional with the youth and YSA. We had wonderful meetings with our members!”

Debbie McCune spoke from St John how Christ is the true vine, and the way to find true joy is to abide in Jesus Christ, that His joy may abide in us and that our joy may be full.

Elder McCune concluded the Chuuk conference Sunday siting Mosiah 5:7. He referred to 4 Ne 1:12 teaching how there was no contention in the land, and they were one, the children of God, no-one above the other. He taught how we are all the same in God's eyes, and how God may be waiting for his people to have more love, become united, and live the higher law. He quoted the prophet, President Nelson, of how the Church is preparing a people who are willing and ready to choose Jesus Christ over the world and called upon members to become this righteous people. In closing he stated “We are not objects. We can Choose!” The meeting closed with his testimony.

Elder and Sister Green, living in Chuuk observed during the conference, “These are such happy and patient people. The children occupy themselves and help care for siblings as parents prepare for their trips, hold interviews after the meetings, and never did we hear a negative or cross word or complaint of having to wait in the hot sun, never knowing when their parent or spouse may be done with the important work of moving the kingdom forward.”                                                                                                                                             
The members in the Micronesian islands are great examples of Jesus Christ. Church leaders can now teach and edify in person more frequently, giving support and sharing of their love for the people in the isles of the sea.

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