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Area 2022 Calendar Focuses on Jesus Christ

Area Calendar Designed to Bring Hope Through the Savior Jesus Christ

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2022 brings hope and new beginnings.  Along with these new beginnings, an area calendar was designed to bring hope and more thoughts of the Savior Jesus Christ as the center of our lives.  Elder James R. Rasband of the Asia North Area Presidency shared his insights behind creating the calendar:

“From the time of his very first remarks to the press as our prophet given in the lobby of the Salt Lake City Temple, President Nelson has been focused on the glorious blessings of temple ordinances and covenants. Following his lead, in 2021, our area calendar focused on temples. For our 2022 calendar, as we counseled together, we came to feel that, as we continue to focus on the temple, we need to remember that it is the Savior, Jesus Christ who makes our temple covenants—indeed, all our covenants—possible. In all that we do as an Area, we can never lose sight of Him.

We then embarked with our wonderful Area Office staff on a joyful and spirit-filled process of considering various images of the Savior and various scriptures about the Savior or where the Savior himself was speaking. The result was our 2022 calendar. We hope that as members and friends look at the calendar images of Jesus Christ and read the associated scriptures, they will feel the same spirit of peace and gratitude that we all felt in preparing the calendar.”

Brother An Deok Hyun, Assistant Asia North Area Communications Director shared his feelings:

“In the past, area calendars were designed primarily to remind members of the plans or priorities of the area presidency. In 2022, in consultation with the Area Presidency, it was decided to focus on Jesus Christ as we contemplated how we could make the local calendar benefit more people. It was agreed that the best way to deal with COVID-19 and the many challenges we face today is to remember the Savior, who is the source of peace and comfort. As I selected pictures and scriptures that contained my testimony of the Savior, I felt the spirit strongly and was reassured that we were going in the direction the Lord wanted

us to go. And I thought I'd like to give this calendar to someone else as a gift.”

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