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13 Experiences of Asia North Area Saints Who Heeded President Nelson’s Counsel

Saints in Japan, Korea, Guam and Mongolia Recognize the Promised Blessings Fulfilled

In his closing address during the fifth session of the 192nd Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson invited members to “focus on the temple in ways [they] never have before.” He said, “I promise that increased time in the temple will bless your life in ways nothing else can.” (

Members throughout the Asia North Area have taken President Nelson’s invitation to heart. Read here a few of their experiences, as they have attended the temple. These have been edited for length and clarity.

Ward Temple Trip Strengthens Testimonies

We are an 8-hour drive away from the Tokyo Temple. It takes a lot of forethought and planning to attend. Due to the distance, we planned our temple day on a holiday weekend in November so we could achieve maximum attendance. We had a very high percentage of our temple recommend holders make the trip down to take part in the blessings there. We had a testimony meeting afterwards, dedicated to this topic so we could hear from each other about our experiences. Preparations for this event started back in April/May of 2022. When I heard President Nelson make the invitation in General Conference to focus more on the temple, it was extremely validating, and we felt so much more confident about our efforts to encourage our members to make the sacrifice to go down to the temple. We had a wonderful experience as a ward, preparing for and attending the temple.

Bishop Stephen Chatterton, Misawa Military Ward (Japan)

Serving in the Temple Strengthens Faith

In the last General Conference, President Nelson promised that we would be blessed in many ways if we spent more time in our temples. I trusted his promise and followed the counsel through my actions. My sister and I have served in the Seoul Temple ( for three days every month, but I had such a strong desire to do more, that we have served every week. As I have followed the Prophet’s voice by focusing more on the temple, I have received the blessings of understanding the Lord’s plan more deeply. I know service and worship in the temple strengthen my faith. A have been blessed to grow closer to Father in Heaven by focusing on the temple and spending more time there.

Sister Young-Hee Kim, Daejeon 1st Ward, Daejeon Stake (Korea)

The Temple is a Sanctuary of Peace

The admonition from the Prophet in the last general conference to focus on the temple was like a loud voice to me. In response, as the Elder’s Quorum President, I thought it would be nice if all the temple recommend holders could attend the temple together. The Relief Society President and I arranged for carpooling, and on February 25th, thirty-nine saints, including six youth members, attended the temple together. Some Primary children came along, and the total number who went to the temple that day was forty-three. While planning this special temple excursion, I experienced the miracle of members opening their hearts to the blessings of the temple. It is where the Lord waits for us with open arms, a sanctuary for us to rest ourselves spiritually in peace and comfort.

Duckyu Choi, Gokbanjung Ward, Gyeonggi Stake (Korea)

Working in the Temple is a Beautiful Experience

I became a temple worker in the Tokyo Temple after the rededication ( I wasn’t able to work at the temple previously. I have experienced a deeper understanding of our temple covenants, beautiful insights into the symbolic meaning of our temple experience, and an increase in my experiences of personal revelation.

April Cook, Tokyo 1st Ward, Tokyo South Stake

Temple Preparation Brings Generations Together

A young woman in the Nagoya East Stake (Seto Ward) is looking forward to entering the temple for the first time during her summer vacation in July. To make her first temple visit meaningful, she has been learning how to use Family Search. Recently, she uploaded her great-grandfather's photos to "Memories" ( Soon, she will also learn to find the names of her ancestors and prepare them for the temple. She will be a patron for and on behalf of her ancestors. Her mother has helped her plan the schedules and transportation. Her grandparents and an aunt will also attend with her. All five are looking forward to it.

New Convert Does Temple Work for Deceased Father

Every month since the Tokyo Temple open house, Komatsu Ward has made a group trip to the Temple. It takes about 7 hours to get to the Tokyo Temple, so on Friday night we get into two (sometimes three) 8-passenger rental cars.

Brother Marvin from the Philippines, who was recently baptized, participated in the temple trip in December. Upon joining the church, he said, “I can help save not only myself, but also my ancestors. The church teaches us to have great love and concern for them.” His father had died early, and he really wanted him to receive his ordinances in the temple, so he immediately submitted his father's name.

After being baptized in place of his father, everyone could see that Brother Marvin had a bright smile on his face. There is no greater joy than to be reunited with a father who passed away so early in life.

I thank God that the temple has been given to me. I thank the Lord for the happiness of making covenants with Him. The time I spend in the temple is special. I love the temple.

                     Takeuchi Michiko, Komatsu Ward, Kanazawa Stake (Japan)

Peace is Felt When Making Sacrifices to Attend the Temple

While our family was enduring my mother’s failing health, my sister suggested that I attend the temple. I could not imagine going to the Seoul temple and leaving my mom in the care of my dad. Driving to the temple from our home in Daegu typically takes about four hours. I am responsible for taking care of my family and doing the housework. In spite of these challenges, I felt very strongly that Father in Heaven wanted me to attend the temple. So I went to the temple, trusting in Him. At the last October conference, President Nelson had asked us to focus on the temple in different ways, so I felt I should attend the temple each month for three days and two nights consecutively. Whenever I would leave for the temple, my heart was uneasy, worrying about my mom. In such moments, I could hear the Lord’s words, “Do you love me?” in my heart. I know that when I obey Him, my family will be blessed. As I have served in the temple for the past few months, I have felt peace. I can testify that this invitation from President Nelson to experience the temple in new ways was from our Father in Heaven.

Sister Eun-Jung Kim, Soo-Sung Ward, Daegu Stake (Korea)

Three Youth Prepare for First Trip to the Temple

Two young men of the Nagoya East Stake (Seto Ward) have been friends since elementary school. They will turn 12 this year. Both received a temple recommend recently. An older sister received a temple recommend two years ago, but due to the spread of the corona virus, she did not have the opportunity to go to the temple.

At the recommendation of President Nelson, the two families decided to visit the Tokyo Temple in February. The children prepared to make their temple experience meaningful by working with their parents to enter and print out the information from Family Search ( Then they made an effort to memorize the names. For the three children, this was their first entry into the temple, and it was a special experience. During the baptismal ceremony, they also had the opportunity to serve as witnesses!

Family Time at the Temple Invites the Spirit

The Yigo Guam Temple is a great blessing to families in the Micronesia Guam North Asia Area ( Many families are taking the opportunity to schedule special family priority time to perform baptisms for their ancestors. The Flahaut family from the Yigo Ward had the opportunity to attend one of these special family priority times. Their oldest son, Hagen, baptized his brother, Jensen, and sister, Paislee. Brother Flahaut expressed, “Now that there is a temple here and I can go with my family, it is a great experience.” Paislee told her mom that while she was waiting for her turn to be baptized, she felt the Spirit. She had felt the Spirit before, so she knew how to recognize it, but it felt stronger in the temple. Jensen said, “It is easier to recognize the Spirit in the temple because you are farther away from worldly things in the House of the Lord, and you recognize that it is from the Lord. When asked if they felt a special strength to go into the world after leaving the temple, Jensen said, “It just made me feel really happy and more connected to my family and everyone else in the world, and that the Holy Ghost can help us.” Sister Flahaut said that she never regrets the time she spends in the temple, “It’s where we need to be!”

The Flahaut Family, Yigo Ward (Guam)

Inexpressible Happiness When Family is Sealed in the Temple

We had a wonderful experience in the temple, and especially being sealed to our parents and siblings. Not only us, but my sister was able to be sealed in the temple with her family for eternity. After the first session, we were able to do more ordinances by proxy. My nephew said that he learned more from the experience. His sister also felt that she needs to participate in more temple services in the future. She said that she could not verbally express her happiness and feelings. My personal feeling was, “How can I help more people to go to the temple and receive these types of blessings?”

President Adiyabold Namkhai, Ulaanbaatar East Stake (Mongolia)

Blessings of Temple Attendance Worth the Sacrifice

This temple visit was a special opportunity to unite my family in the church. Initially, my wife and I did not expect that our whole family would be able to attend the temple together. Our son, in junior high school, did not want his schedule interrupted to attend the temple. However, after his interview with our Bishop, he decided to join us. Thus, all five members of our family, including two daughters in Primary, attended the temple together. I was invited to perform baptisms with my son in the baptistry. I was nervous about whether I could do this, but I accepted the invitation. As I entered the baptismal font, I felt warmth all over my body, starting from my feet. The bright lights and calm ripples of water in the font made me feel a warm atmosphere. Our visit to the temple was joyful and meaningful to my entire family. Temple attendance is not easy sometimes, but it is worthwhile despite difficulties. The ward members had lunch together afterward and shared their friendship and love. We are looking forward to the next temple excursion.

Seung-Yong Geum, Gokbanjung Ward, Suwon Stake (Korea)

Newly Constructed Temple is an Answer to Prayers

The construction of the new Okinawa Temple is the fruit of the long-held wish and faith of the members of the church in Okinawa ( I wanted to let everyone know about the progress, so I regularly posted fixed-point photos on Facebook. In doing so, I noticed that in our conversations as a couple, our special feelings for the temple and all our ancestors became stronger. I know that President Nelson was right when he said, “May we center on the temple in a way we have never done before. I bless you all as you draw closer to God and Jesus Christ each day.” I have experienced this precise blessing in my life.

Satoshi Nishihara, Okinawa Ward/Stake (Japan)

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